Daily Archives: 2012-01-24

SCDF chief suspended from duties, CNB director probed

~by: Ravi Philemon~ According to Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, the Commissioner of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Mr Peter Lim, is under suspension for nearly a month. Six other SCDF officials, including two of senior rank have also been suspended and are under investigation for a case linked to ‘money and women’ the paper reported. The front-page report on …

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More than 150 overseas appeals to spare Yong Vui Kong

~by: Joshua Chiang~ Following an event at Speakers’ Corner last Sunday to mark Yong Vui Kong’s 24th birthday, TOC has received more than 150 overseas letters – mainly from Germany, the United Kingdom, France as well as Spain – appealing to President Tony Tan to spare Vui Kong. The emails were also sent to the Istana. TOC understands that most …

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