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Some Fundamental Aspects about Floods

~by: C L Cheong~ From time to time a spate of flash floods would trigger off public concern and debate for a while.  While newspaper reports and commentaries on floods tend to be fragmentary in nature, a perspective of the flood problems can be gained by piecing together relevant published information and data on the subject. The salient aspects are: …

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Ministerial Salary – It’s not (just) about the Money

~by: Tan Yin Hoe~ The Ministerial salary issue, says PM Lee, should not be just about the amount of money. That is precisely the point – For as citizens of this nation, how many of us would be concerned about exactly how much our politicians are taking home, if life were all well? Given our politically apathetic nature, how many …

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Child Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Poverty

~by: Ellery Aruldoss~ It was in a packed seminar room in Singapore Management University (SMU) that ONE (SINGAPORE) held its forum on ‘Child Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Poverty’. The atmosphere was one of excitement and anticipation as students, members of civil society groups, SMU faculty and the like filled the room to hear the opinions of the invited speakers. The …

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PAID EVENT ADVERTISEMENT: ‘Key To Successful Stock Trading’ a free seminar

the following is a paid event advertisement: — Event Registration Link: http://stocktradingseminar.eventbrite.com/ Most investors lose money in the market for the basic reason that most investors lack a trading plan. Without a plan, it is just not possible for an investor to know what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. Without a plan, it is difficult to have …

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Salaries that are beyond reach, must still be logical

~by: Ravi Philemon~ Many Singaporeans, I believe, will agree that Ministers should be free from undue financial distractions and so, in general would not begrudge the fact that Ministers need to maintain a reasonable lifestyle, as Siew Kum Hong puts it, to “comfortably cover mortgage payments for a reasonably-priced landed property in a reasonable location; payments for 2 cars for …

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