the following is an interesting exchange extracted from Law and Foreign Minister, Mr K Shanmugam’s Facebook:

K Shanmugam: Sc Weilun, I am trying to understand. Do you think the cost of food has gone up because of Ministers salaries / You dont think the cost of food has anything to do with several hundreds of millions of people in India and China now becoming consumers and competing ?
K Shanmugam: Sc weilun, on Ministers salaries. will ask you to note one point. For the current Cabinet, many of us have made serious sacrifices. We are not in it for the money. Our concern is for the future of Spore – your children and grandchildren. What should be the appropriate benchmark for getting good ppl to come into public service.
FB Commenter: Ask Chen Show Mao, he doesn’t need a benchmark. He just do it.

See the entire FB exchange HERE.

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