Daily Archives: 2011-10-08

Steve Jobs and iSingapore

~by: Eric Tan Heng Chong~ I had the rare privilege of meeting and speaking with Steve Jobs back in 1984 when he addressed my MBA class at the University of Michigan. Steve was touring American top business schools to promote his latest product at the time- the portable Apple Macintosh 128, which offered word processing, spreadsheets and graphics, and designed …

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Why Greece should not be bailed out

~by: Damon Yeo~ For a best part of the last two years, the newly-coined “sovereign debt crisis” had been dogging financial headlines globally. And in almost every article that mentioned the three words in parentheses above, you will find the country “Greece” mentioned. The mechanics and reasons behind this debt crisis is complex, intertwined with post-World War II history, background …

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