Daily Archives: 2011-10-04

Exorcising specters: The issue of 377A

Claudia Petrat/ We’ve returned as Sisyphus might to the symbolic boulder that is Section 377A of the Penal Code. That was the reason the Supreme Court was abuzz on the morning of Tuesday 27 September, when human rights lawyer Mr M. Ravi delivered his case before the Court of Appeal. The topic at hand should be familiar enough – whether …

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The Four Myths of Inequality in Singapore

~by: Donald Low~ Income inequality in Singapore has risen significantly in the last decade. Whether measured by the Gini coefficient, or by the ratio of incomes between the top and bottom quintiles, the evidence points to an incontrovertible fact: Singapore has become a lot more unequal in the last ten years or so. While the fact of increased inequality is …

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