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MHA says no to Commission of Inquiry

~from: Ministry of Home Affairs~ The 16 ex-detainees call for a Commission of Inquiry (see HERE) to investigate their detentions. The subversion and violence of the Communist insurgency from the 1940s to the 1970s are a historical reality. The Government’s actions against the Marxist plot in the late 1980s were fully explained and justified at the time, and extensively debated …

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The launch of Caregivers Connect – Reach Out, Engage, Learn and Share (updated with comments from AWWA Centre for Caregivers)

~by: Candy Leow~ Update: The AWWA Centre for Caregivers welcomes the interest among netizens on caregiving issues in Singapore. We thank The Online Citizen for carrying the story on the launch of our Caregivers Connect initiative which seeks to connect caregivers for mutual support, information sharing and learning. Our programmes cater to caregivers of the disabled and elderly as well as …

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~from: The organising committee of  ‘In remembrance of JBJ’~ The late JBJ worked tirelessly and selflessly to represent the people of Singapore, in Parliament and outside it. He had great hopes and aspirations for Singapore and Singaporeans. A humble man, he left behind a lasting legacy – he cared. Three years have passed since JBJ passed away on 30 September 2008. It is …

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Mental illness – there is no taboo, there is no shame

~by: Ghui~ On paper, Singapore is an astonishing success. From a fishing outpost to a world class city. From an island with nothing to a vibrant economy. Singapore has hosted many international events such as the F1, which showcases all the riches and grandeur we have to offer. Scant attention however, is paid to the less savoury aspects of society …

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Population: Foreigners rate of growth up 36 per cent year-on-year?

~by: Leong Sze Hian~ I refer to the Department of Statistics’ Population Trends 2011, released on 28 September 2011 (see HERE). In 2011, the number of non-residents increased by 89,400 or 6.9 per cent, compared to 51,300 or 4.1 per cent in 2010. The number of permanent residents (PRs) declined for the first time by -9,000 or -1.7 per cent, …

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