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Why continuing F1 in Singapore is not a clear-cut case

~by: Kien M Lee~ Before I begin my thoughts on why continuing Formula 1 in Singapore isn’t such a straightforward argument, let me admit that I am a BIG F1 fan -‘BIG‘, as in I can tell you who races in the top teams, who’s leading in the championship, etc. But not a ‘HUGE‘ F1 fan, for ‘Huge’ would require …

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Four Fallacies about the Singapore Welfare State

excerpted from Social Dimension Online: — The last and possibly most damaging case against Western-style social welfare is that it is financially unsustainable and will eventually bankrupt the state. At a seminar on Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) last year, a senior politician likened European pay-as-you-go pensions to political Ponzi schemes that were never going to pay up on their …

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Singapore's 2011 population in brief

~from: National Population and Talent Division~ — Population Size & Growth Singapore’s total population was 5.18 million as at end June 2011. There were 3.79 million Singapore residents,  comprising 3.26 million Singapore citizens and 0.53 million permanent residents (PRs), and 1.39 million non-residents. Due to the tightened immigration framework, the growth in our PR population has slowed significantly since 2010.  This has contributed to the …

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Calling for Commission of Inquiry

The Ministry of Home Affairs’ statement of 23 September 2011 (see HERE) contains the usual rhetoric, inundated with Cold War parlance such as “Communist United Front activities” and “Marxist plot”. Its intent is clearly to justify the act of arbitrary arrest under the ISA and instil fear in the people. The statement fails to address the most important concern of …

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