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Bedok Reservoir deaths, did we fail them?

~by: Tommy Tong~ How difficult must life have been for this family that 4 or 5 of them lived together in a 1 room rented flat? What sort of society do we live in where such poverty exists in a country that can now boast 2 world class casinos amongst countless high-end entertainment venues? And just how inhuman and disconnected …

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Secret society groups canvassed votes for Lee Kuan Yew

~from: The Straits Times dated April 16, 1958~ “At five meetings which Mr Lee Kuan Yew held in different parts of Tanjong Pagar detectives observed members of secret societies controlling the crowd and generally acting as stewards”, the report says. “The largest number of secret society members recognised by detectives at any single meeting was at Yan Kit Road on …

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When Tan Meets Tan – Cooling off Day has never been this hot

UPDATE: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Please contact the organisers for more information. ~by: Jewel Philemon~ Sight Lines Entertainment presents its debut production, ‘When Tan Meets Tan’, a political parody musical revue, hot on the heels of the recent four-cornered presidential election. The show, which will be staged from the 19th to 23rd October at Chamber, The Arts House, features …

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PAP should not view dissenting views with fear

~by: Ghui~ Many have remarked over the last few months that Singaporean society was becoming more divisive (see HERE). Indeed Mr Lee Kuan Yew has recently said that Singaporeans needed to “prevent the current political divide from becoming a national divide”. PM Lee has also stated that Singapore was “too small to afford a political gridlock”. These comments, while valid …

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Time to free up Singapore’s media

~by: Ng E-Jay The Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced that the annual renewal of press and publication permits would be abolished, and all press licenses will now remain valid indefinitely unless they are revoked. The obvious question now is why the Singapore government fails to heed repeated calls for media liberalization, and in fact, continues to justify existing laws …

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