Daily Archives: 2011-09-26

Absurd inconsistencies in SHRI’s administrative processes

~by: Jewel Philemon~ “Mr See had not stated the subject matter of the forum in his application form. The Institute’s constitution states that it is not allowed to hold events of a political nature.” – David Ang, Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) Singaporeans for Democracy (SFD) held a closed door forum last Saturday, titled ‘LKY: liberal democracy will …

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Ravi – A short documentary

Kirsten Han / In March this year, The Online Citizen published a story on the case of death row inmate Cheong Chun Yin, who was convicted with carrying in 2.8kg of heroin in to Singapore. All of Chun Yin’s appeals have been exhausted, and his only hope now is to be granted clemency by the government of Singapore. Until today, …

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