NSP Malay Bureau’s 1st Anniversary celebration

~by: Ravi Philemon~

The National Solidarity Party’s (NSP) Malay Bureau today celebrated its first anniversary. Speaking at the celebration Mr Syafarin Sarif the Secretary of the Bureau said:

The Malay Bureau did not come from the Malays it came from the Chinese. Because the Chinese are very interested to know what the Malay problems are. Because in 2006 the Minister for Malay and Muslim Affairs said that there were no Malay problems.

The Party’s Chairman then wondered why there were no problems specific to the Malay community when their grassroots and the Party members walkabouts indicated otherwise. The Malay Bureau was formed as a result of that.

The Secretary of the Bureau also emphasised at the celebration that:

To be in the opposition does not mean that you hate Singapore. We all love Singapore. And we all love to be a nation. But the Malays must progress together with the Chinese the Indians. That’s the only way Singapore can prosper.

NSP’s Malay Bureau was established in September last year to develop capacity to tackle Malay issues at national as well as community levels. The Bureau was also set-up to attract credible minority candidates into the Party.

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