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MHA: 'Marxist Conspirators' had plotted to subvert and destabilise Singapore

the following is a media release of the Ministry of Home Affairs: — Sixteen ex-ISA detainees issued a joint statement on 19 Sep 2011 taking issue with the length of detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and also the ISA Advisory Board process (see HERE). 2     These sixteen ex-detainees were not detained for their political beliefs, but …

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An open letter to London Weight Management

~by: Anita Kapoor~ You have insulted all women, everywhere. Never in my life, have I had such a deep, almost physical response to anything as I did last night, watching your latest commercial on television. The TVC sought to portray the story of an overweight woman’s journey – based on a client’s true story – who’s world apparently changed with …

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Future media: Revolving door of the Centre

~by: Howard Lee~ Pole positions of the media When I spoke to Viswa Sadasivan about his views from the Singapore Press Club’s forum on media coverage during the elections, he spoke at length about the historical establishment of the right and the re-emergence of the left through online media. But it would be simplistic of us to immediately assume that online …

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Despite Singapore Government's assurance of change, much will be status-quo

the following is a statement delivered by Ms Braema Mathi, President of MARUAH, at the 18th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council, Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Plenary on Singapore. — Thank you, Madam President. I am making this statement as a representative of Article 19, an international political and civil rights group and MARUAH, human rights NGO in …

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