Daily Archives: 2011-09-20

Future media: Evolution of a discerning public

~by: Howard Lee~ When the Singapore Press Club closed its forum discussion on media coverage of the 2011 general and Presidential elections, there was still one unanswered question on my mind – the way forward for Singapore’s media environment. Two on the panel, Cherian George, associate professor at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, and Lydia Lim, deputy …

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Our growing population – the need for deforestation

~by: Jewel Philemon~ The 2010-2011 flash floods, which hit Singapore by surprise and took the lives of four, were, as everyone knows, caused by higher than average rainfall. But were these torrential downpours and chokes in drainage the only cause of flooding? The answer could be an emphatic ‘No!’. These abnormal floods were also caused by the deforestation of rainforests …

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Cheap entertainment for the “seniors”?

~by: Ghui~ The article: “You call this bonding?” appears to highlight two issues: 1. The concept of bonding seems to have been misunderstood; and 2. The dynamics of successful matchmaking seems to have been misconstrued. University is often an exciting time for young adults. In a Singaporean context, it would also likely be the first time teenagers are allowed relatively …

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