Daily Archives: 2011-09-18

80% increase in HDB price between sale launches?

Ho HW – Why has there been an 80% rise in HDB flat pricing between two sale launches (direct from HDB) of Havelock View? The construction costs are the same, and the flats get handed over at the same time. At the first sale launch during SERS (2006/07), a 4-room flat cost an average of $250k (inclusive of compensation). At the 2nd sale …

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WikiLeaks: Singapore’s Nuclear Energy Ambition

~by: Donaldson Tan~ Nuclear energy first gained public attention in Singapore when the Economic Strategy Committee (ESC) rallied the government to consider nuclear energy in February 2010. The ESC recommended that Singapore should begin studying the feasibility of nuclear energy as an option because the process of developing nuclear energy is likely to take at least 15 years. Subsequently, the …

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Using Generic Drugs to Fight HIV?

~by: Yaw Shin Leong/MP for Hougang SMC~ About a week after the lunch I had with an ex-inmate Mr. E, who is also HIV+ (see HERE), I met up over coffee with Mr. Shawn Lee, an advisory group member with the Global Network Of People Living with HIV (GNP+). Shawn updated me about the fight against HIV in Singapore & …

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