Workers’ Party position on the Internal Security Act

~The Workers’ Party~

The Workers’ Party notes the Malaysian government’s proposal to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The Workers’ Party manifestos, including the 2011 election manifesto, proposed the abolition of the ISA in Singapore. This repeal would destroy the prospect of any government using the wide ranging powers therein to curtail its critics and opponents. Even where there are suspects accused of espionage, trials can still be held, with modified procedures if state secrets are at risk.

Nevertheless, the Party acknowledges the need for effective measures against terrorism. As such, our manifesto also stated that the government should be enabled by a dedicated anti-terrorism law to make swift arrests and detain suspects without trial. However, these suspects must be afforded real avenues to challenge the legality of their arrests through the courts and an advisory board. These bodies should be empowered to order the person’s release if not satisfied as to the legality of the detention.

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