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Workers’ Party position on the Internal Security Act

~The Workers’ Party~ The Workers’ Party notes the Malaysian government’s proposal to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA). The Workers’ Party manifestos, including the 2011 election manifesto, proposed the abolition of the ISA in Singapore. This repeal would destroy the prospect of any government using the wide ranging powers therein to curtail its critics and opponents. Even where there are …

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MHA statement on Singapore's Internal Security Act

The Government notes the announcement by Malaysia that it will be replacing its Internal Security Act (ISA) with new legislation aimed at preventing “subversive action, organised violence and criminal acts”. The ISA in Singapore and Malaysia may have the same roots from the time when both were British colonies, but the two countries and their respective societies have evolved differently …

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EP minimum salary helps Singaporean workers?

~by: Leong Sze Hian~ I refer to the increase in the salary thresholds for Employment Passes. How many Employment Passes were given last year? How many passes were given to foreigners to stay for up to a year, to look for a job? Without such statistics, how do we evaluate the impact on Singaporeans? In addition, how many Employment Pass …

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Singapore should consider scrapping ISA

~by: Ghui~ Malaysia and Singapore, once the same country, have developed side by side over the years. Apart from certain marked differences such as the presence of a monarchy and the bumiputra laws, the two countries have a similar culture, with synonymous laws. One glaring resemblance between the two countries is the Internal Securities Act (ISA), a hangover from colonial …

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Lee Hsien Loong: Singapore "will consider scrapping ISA if KL does so"

~picture: Joshua Chiang~ from The Straits Times dated 3 February 1991: — Singapore will seriously consider abolishing the Internal Security Act if Malaysia were to do so, said Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Brigadier-General (Res) Lee made this response to seven Malaysian journalist s in his office recently when asked why the ISA was still needed in Singapore even …

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ISA – the irrelevant law?

~by: Ravi Philemon~ “Generally the power to extend detention will shift from the executive to the judiciary”, with these words the Prime Minster of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that the Internal Security Act (ISA) of Malaysia, will be abolished. Announcing the abolishment of the Act in his special Malaysia Day message, Malaysia’s PM said that two new …

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