Free To Be – a celebration of freedom and democracy

~by: Elliot Aruldoss~

Free to be is a concert organized by RebelFM, in hopes of spreading awareness on the lack of personal freedoms in Singapore. Also, it aims to promote the concept of a true democracy in Singapore. Through this concert, a variety of local bands and dance groups are given a platform to freely express themselves, which is in line with the theme, ‘Free To Be’.

Some bands including ‘The Love Beats’, ‘We The Thousands’ and ‘Zaibaktian’ performed a diversity of music ranging from pop, to rock, and acoustic to progressive. Others like ‘De Electrifiers Crew’, a dance group, performed an energetic hip-hop routine, much to the crowd’s enjoyment. The programme also included covers of popular mainstream music by John Lennon and Usher as well as original songs.

The concert was well received.  The concert held at the substation was packed and the crowd was milling about the entrance about an hour before the concert.

Upon speaking to the organizer of the event, Mr Jufri Salim, we learnt that this was a concert organised for youth, by the youths, to facilitate freedom through the arts, as he notes, ‘Singapore lacks true freedom and it also lacks true democracy. So we came together around three months ago to organize this, so that we can help spread this message and let more people know.’

One of the performers, Mr Yat MD Noor, said that he was willing to contribute to this concert as he believes that it is a worthy cause. He also echoed Mr Salim’s sentiments that a true sense of democracy and freedom is absent in today’s society, especially among the youth and he added that he felt that this was a way for him to do his “part in promoting freedom and democracy here.”

Mr Salim added that he hopes ‘Free To Be’ will be a regular feature for youths and that RebelFM is already looking into putting up a similar event in the near future.