Daily Archives: 2011-09-05

Dissolve PA in the interest of national unity

~by: Joseph Teo~ Ever since the news broke in the middle of the presidential elections that the Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC) at Paya Lebar could not invite Mr. Chen Shao Mao of the Worker’s Party (WP) and the elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Paya Lebar to dinner, there has been much questioning of the People’s Association’s role, structure and operations. In examining this …

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PAP: From 'divide and conquer' to the 'prisoner's dilemma'

~by: Dr Tan Chong Kee~ Some quick notes on the strategic options of a Singaporean politics in transition: Setting the Scene For a very long time, PAP maintained its absolute dominance using a divide and rule strategy, ensuring that opposition parties are numerous and small while nipping in the bud any sign of growth whenever possible (think Tang Liang Hong, …

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Mr Lee Kuan Yew's response to wikileaks' claim

the following is a media release from the Press Secretary of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, on Mr Lee’s behalf: — Wikileaks released a cable by the US Embassy in Singapore reporting on the visit of Senator Hillary Clinton to Singapore in Jul 2005. The cable claimed that in my meeting with Senator Clinton, I had “characterized Islam as a ‘venomous …

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Did Today de-satirize letter?

The letter that was published in Today Voices: The original letter sent to Today and also published in the blog Sweet Insanity: Re: In Praise of PA I am writing to commend the PA for its assiduous duty of ensuring that the grassroots organizations will continue to work closely with the Government. I was bemused, and frankly, a little disturbed …

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