Daily Archives: 2011-09-04

Chloe – the little girl who refuses to give up

~by: Elliot Aruldoss~ ~pictures: Shawn Danker~ Chloe is a little girl diagnosed with a rare disorder known as ‘Pompe disease’. The disease weakens her overall muscles, including that of her heart. It is also such a rare disease that it is only found in 1 in 40,000 live births worldwide. Unfortunately, the disease is only treatable, not curable, and the …

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A four-horse race benefited Tan Cheng Bock

~by: Bhaskaran Kunju~ It’s been about a week since the Presidential Elections ended and Dr Tony Tan was elected as our seventh President by the slimmest of margins. But the blame game for Dr Tan Cheng Bok’s narrow defeat hasn’t ceased. Most have pinned the blame squarely on the splitting of votes in a four candidate field. Others have been …

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Wikileaks: PM Lee overshadowed by father

Lee Hsien Loong still has yet to come out of his father’s shadow after three years as Prime Minster, according to a leaked diplomatic cable from the United States embassy in Singapore. The report was dated July 2007. Lee Hsien Loong became Prime Minister of Singapore on 12th August 2004. The cable gave a few examples of how, despite trying …

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