Daily Archives: 2011-09-02

Wikileaks: US State Department's views on Young PAP

  Summary. The youth wing of Singapore’s ruling party, Young PAP (YP), is pursuing closer ties with the Chinese Communist Youth League, two YP executive committee members told PolOffs on August 27. Recent YP “study visits” to China have focused on political education and recruitment. In contrast, YP’s relations with fraternal parties in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan are less active. Though YP …

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He just wants to die

~by: C J Goh~ A long time friend of mine who much earlier in life was diagnosed to be diabetic, and then years later diagnosed with colon cancer (it is now in remission), is now admitted in the hospital again for multiple complications (including water retention in his lungs, cardiac complications and bleeding when he moves his bowels). He is …

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Some Reflections on the Presidential Election 2011

~By: Dr Wong Wee Nam/~ The Presidential Election 2011 is interesting and intriguing for many reasons. For the first time in its 18 year history, there was no walkover and there were no reluctant candidates. In fact the candidates were so keen that what was expected to be a boring affair turned out to be a race as interesting as …

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