PA created to ‘blur line between Government and PAP” – SPP

Statement by Benjamin Pwee of the Singapore People’s Party

The People’s Association (PA) was explicitly created to blur the line between Government and the PAP, to consolidate the PAP’s grip on power. In its letter in the forum page, the PA confirms this by insinuating that Opposition MPs will not support apolitical government programmes like “Active-Aging” and “Anti-Dengue”. This is slanderous and Opposition MPs past and present deserve an apology from the PA for saying this. Mr Chiam See Tong has always done his part for the aged and fought dengue with the Potong Pasir Town Council. Opposition MPs will always support programmes for the benefit of Singaporeans, but will vigorously oppose those that abuse public funds to advance the interests of the PAP. By choosing not to work with duly elected Opposition MPs, the PA is confirming that it is working for the interest of the PAP, not Singapore.



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