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Fear of Writing: A commentary on political art and censorship

~by: Jewel Philemon~ Local playwright, Mr Tan Tarn How, returns to the world of theatre after a hiatus of ten years with his latest full-length play, ‘Fear of Writing’. The respected writer, who has written several critically acclaimed plays such as ‘The First Emperor’s Last Days’, ‘The Lady of Soul And Her Ultimate “S” Machine’ and ‘Home’, said that he …

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Building Nations, Dividing People

~by: Benjamin Cheah~ It’s refreshing to see a government body give straight answers for once. The People’s Association has declared that it is a de facto arm of the state. Its mission is to “bond the community and connect people with the Government”.  Grassroots advisers should “connect people to people”, and “are required to help the Government connect with people and help …

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"Unrealistic" to hope for reform with PAP – Chee Soon Juan

The Online Citizen catches up with Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Secretary General Dr Chee Soon Juan for a post-GE interview. During GE2011, the SDP did not win any seats but saw the highest climb percentage-wise in votes. Were you satisfied with the outcome for the SDP? A political party’s objective is to win seats in parliament. Any time it fails …

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"I suffered considerable damage from mis-reporting" Tan Kin Lian

Statement from Tan Kin Lian on the Presidential Election The outcome of the Presidential elections was obviously a shock to me. I expected a much better result and the prospect of polling less than the 12.5% of the votes (and losing the deposit) was felt to be remote. Some commentators said that I should have known the ground feel on …

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PA created to 'blur line between Government and PAP" – SPP

Statement by Benjamin Pwee of the Singapore People’s Party The People’s Association (PA) was explicitly created to blur the line between Government and the PAP, to consolidate the PAP’s grip on power. In its letter in the forum page, the PA confirms this by insinuating that Opposition MPs will not support apolitical government programmes like “Active-Aging” and “Anti-Dengue”. This is …

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