Daily Archives: 2011-08-30

New media engagement may have given Tony Tan and Tan Jee Say the edge

~by: Ravi Philemon~ ~pictures: Shawn Danker~ ‘Change’ was the theme of the 2011 Presidential Election. All four candidates tried to articulate and win over the electorate with their version of change. For Presidential candidate Mr Tan Kin Lian, it was change through demystifying the office of the President. He wanted to do this by producing an annual report to account …

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Can a politicised President’s Office truly unite Singaporeans?

Joshua Chiang/ The first time I learnt that the head of state of Singapore is the President, he was already dead. I was six years old when Benjamin Henry Sheares, our second President passed away. I remembered watching his funeral procession on television. I remembered the flag flying at half-mast, and the 21-gun salute. Most of all, I remembered feeling …

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A lapse not befitting

By Howard Lee/ cartoon by Joshua Chiang I have always had faith in institutions of public service. To me, the public service has always represented the very best of human nature – service to fellow citizens. Yes, some would call it the iron rice bowl, although those in the rank and file now would attest that it is hardly true …

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A Nostalgic Hari Raya

A poem by Raymond Anthony Fernando/ Photos by Joshua Chiang Listening to keronchong music of the 60s’ The melody gently flowing with the breeze Oh how it bring back fond memories! Listening to the lyrics of Dondang Sayang A nostalgic celebration is about to begin For the old as well as the young   Watching the glow of the buntings …

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