“I was cheering, not booing” – letter to TNP

The following is an unpublished letter sent to The New Paper last Sunday. The writer had requested that TOC publish it unamended.

Dear Editor,I refer to the Subject with 2 attachments.

On Thursday 18 Aug 11, your paper carried a report on the front page titled, “Tan Jee Say on supporters who booed Tony Tan: We Can’t Control The Crowds”.

The report was accompanied by a picture of me in the foreground. I was in the crowds at the nomination centre of King George’s Ave.

However, I was there to passionately lend my support to Mr Tan Jee Say and not to boo Mr Tony Tan as implied by The New Paper juxtaposing the picture on headlines in the report of its front page. I was also at the same time, cheering for Mr Yam Ah Mee.

Hence, I would like to express my disappointment at the New Paper’s insinuation and unprofessionalism. Indeed, using my picture in such a manner is highly misleading.


Daniel De Costa

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