Daily Archives: 2011-08-23

What do you do, Mr President?

by: Jewel Philemon and Justin Tan/ Photographs: Terry Xu/ Maruah (working group for ASEAN human rights mechanism), held a public forum,’ What do you do, Mr President?’, discussing the key roles and functions of the President, on Saturday 20th August. The event featured presentations from constitutional law expert, Dr Kevin Tan, and popular web commentator, Mr Alex Au. The event …

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Face to Face 2 challenged all preconceived beliefs

by: Siew Kum Hong/ Viswa Sadasivan asked me if it was ok to start. It was 8.35pm, about 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start-time for filming. The four Presidential candidates were seated, the crowd had introduced themselves, and Viswa the moderator was raring to go. All eyes turned to me. I gave Viswa two thumbs up, and the cameras …

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Chen Show Mao/PA dispute: Presidential candidates weigh in

Update: Mr Tan Jee Say has responded this evening at Toa Poyoh Stadium before his rally. He said that the PA should not be partisan and that it should be fair to everyone, be they PAP or opposition MPs. he also added the 7th Lunar Month festival is a happy occasion and that politics should not interfere with it. He then called …

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Singapore People’s Party stands in solidarity with Workers’ Party

from: Singapore People’s Party/ — The SPP (Singapore People’s Party) read WP’s (Workers’ Party) media release on HDB transferring prime event locations to PA with disgust  It is a dirty tactic characteristic of the PAP and the government it controls. Former-MP for Potong Pasir Mr Chiam See Tong suffered this kind of abuse all his 27 years as MP. We …

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Leopards and spots

by: Siew Kum Hong/ It is as if the PAP is determined to prove that leopards cannot change their spots. The People’s Association can try its best to spin the truth, but the latest revelation from the Workers’ Party completely destroys any plausible deniability that could possibly be left. The Workers’ Party’s revelation has to be read to be believed, …

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