TOC Presidential Face to Face: video preview

Dear Readers,

TOC is pleased to announce a groundbreaking forum organized for an unprecedented Presidential election.

In the first such event to be held by a local website, TOC held a studio discussion with all 4 Presidential candidates and an audience of 18 Singaporeans with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Participants included a Senior Counsel, bloggers and professors, a public servant, students, NGO activists and retired army personnel and the forum was expertly moderated by former Nominated Member of Parliament and veteran broadcast journalist Mr Viswa Sadasivan.

TOC will release a video recording of the forum in 2 parts, the first 45 minutes on Saturday evening 20 Aug, and the second 45 minutes on Sunday evening 21 Aug.

As a precursor for the video to come, we’re pleased to offer you a teaser of the no-holds-barred discussion that took place. Trust us, you won’t see anything like this on TV.

The TOC team

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