Daily Archives: 2011-08-18

Measuring the Mandate of the People: Approval Voting

Jeremy Chen/ The Elected Presidency is an office where the President is directly elected by the people. In our current elections, there are four “approved” candidates, which makes it tough for a single candidate to garner more than 50% of the electoral vote in a First-Past-the-Post (a.k.a. one-man-one-vote) voting system. With 50% being the default standard for “having the mandate …

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Much a-boo about nothing?

Joshua Chiang/Photos by Shawn Danker The jeers that greeted Presidential candidate Dr Tony Tan as he took to the stage to give his speech on Nomination Day were loud enough that those who were watching the live broadcast on Channel Newsasia could here. “I think it is deeply disappointing to have people who will not even listen. I hope that …

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