Daily Archives: 2011-08-13

Robbed of her virginity

by: Deborah Choo/ This article was first published in ‘Lady in the mirror‘. We thank Deborah for allowing TOC to reproduce it in full here. — Nakisha (not her real name) was brutally raped of her virginity one morning by her employer’s 24-year old son. When her employer learnt of the incident, he threatened Nakisha to remain silent about the incident. In …

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Who are the real custodians of the reserves?

The following is an excerpt from ‘4 Tans in Presidential Elections’, a blog entry by Diary of A Singaporean Mind Today, our concerns about our reserves goes beyond how it is spent by govt. There are concerns about transparency, investment losses and management performance. These concerns have heightened since the last financial crisis wiped off a large amount of our reserves …

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One Tan to remember

Tan Jing Quee, historian, writer, poet and lawyer who passed away on 14 June 2011, was the person who has given us, Singaporeans back our history of a powerful local progressive movement, which has been erased from our memory. (Read more of his contributions HERE). There will be a memorial gathering in honour of Tan Jing Quee on Saturday, 20 …

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