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Neo Swee Lin – It is my vote, and it is precious.

by: Neo Swee Lin/ In 1987, 22 people were detained without trial under the ISA under Operation Spectrum – “a security operation which saw 22 young Roman Catholic church and social activists and professionals detained, without trial, under the internal security law, accused of being members of an alleged Marxist conspiracy bent on subverting the PAP-ruled government by force, and …

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Why does CNA keep associating Tan Jee Say with SDP?

by: Ravi Philemon/ I was watching Channel NewsAsia’s (CNA) ‘AM Live!’ and was quite disturbed that CNA kept associating Presidential candidate Tan Jee Say with Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). Even their written report says, “former Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) member Mr Tan Jee Say…was issued the Certificate of Eligibility for his presidential bid”. Yes it is a fact that he …

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No Government endorsement: Not fair to Presidential candidate?

Leong Sze Hian/ I refer to the article “Seven trade unions endorse Tony Tan: Presidential candidate also holds dialogue with SMCCI members, pays tribute to Malay community” (Today, Aug 12). It states that: “The seven unions are the first from the labour movement to announce their decision, following the NTUC’s new approach on endorsing presidential candidates. NTUC chief Lim Swee …

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Law Minister isn’t ultimate interpreter of Constitution – Tan Jee Say

Joshua Chiang/ Law and Foreign Minister K Shanmugam isn’t the ‘ultimate interpreter’ of the Consitution and there are other lawyers equally qualified to speak on the Constitutional position of the President, said Presidential hopeful Tan Jee Say on Thursday. Mr Tan was speaking to the media at the end of his  lunchtime  talk  “Survival  and  Opportunities  in  an  Uncertain  World”. …

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What “Tan Kin Lian For President” means

The following is an excerpt from ‘Think Happiness’ Dharmendra Yadav/ Tan Kin Lian is no politician. He is a simple man, with a fiercely independent streak. He says it like it is. He has an acute sense of what is right or wrong, and often does what he feels is right. He is decisive, prepared to take chances and ever …

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A question of basic respect

Ghui/ I refer to the article entitled ‘Boy, 10 calls school bus worker, “a beggar, poor“‘. While the article was brief and only presented one side of the story, it did highlight a disturbing social issue – that of a growing class divide and a deplorable mindset of snobbery that seems to be getting more prevalent. Has our society traded …

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