Daily Archives: 2011-08-07

Troubling questions about the pay cut for re-employed retired teachers

by: Lisa Li/ From January 2012 onwards, based on the Tripartite Guidelines on Re-employment of Older Employees issued in March 2010, all teachers retiring at age 62 will be offered employment up to age 65 – but with a pay cut of up to 30% of their last drawn salaries. According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), this is a …

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The rise of the Inglourious Train [email protected]#d

This article was first posted on The Offline Citizen. Joshua Chiang/ So I boarded the train yesterday and was standing around the reserve seat area. There was a young girl (late teens) seated there, chatting to her friend, another girl, wearing blue, standing next to me. For some strange reasons when the train stopped at the next stop and a …

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Nationalising Public Transport – Is Ho Ching in the way?

by: Gordon Lee/ Recent days have seen much talk about public transport in Singapore – Public Transport Council (PTC) has also allowed Singapore’s two public transport operators (PTOs) to increase their fares this year. The Minister of Transport, Lui Tuck Yew, has repeatedly rebuffed calls by NCMP Gerald Giam of the Workers’ Party for public transport in Singapore to be …

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Law Minister’s veiled threat to the electorate?

by: Rizal Hamid/ Commenting on the roles and limitations of the President at a forum held at the Institute of Policy Studies: The Law Minister noted that the elected president can influence the prime minister through their regular discussions. “Whether the president actually wields influence obviously depends on who the president is,” he said. “If he is someone who commands …

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