National Day is about the people of Singapore

by: Jen Tai/

I am perturbed by what I see along the streets of Singapore today.

In celebration of National Day, there are many national buntings hanging on the street lamp posts. But other than the obligatory ‘Happy Birthday Singapore’ in small fonts, the rest of the bunting design shouts out the name of the GRC or SMC and carries the logos of various grassroots organisations.  These buntings would surely be more appropriate for election rallies.

Along Lavender Street for example, the buntings carry big photos of the MPs of Moulmein-Kallang GRC  as well as the logo of the central CDC.

What’s even worse is,  the MP’s picture on the bunting is at least three times the size of the Singapore flag, which is tucked neatly into a corner of the bunting’s design. The way the buntings are designed, there’s a perception that the PAP and the network which supports them are using the Day to promote their own party and members therein.

I am especially disturbed and turned-off because National Day is now being used by one Party and is being politicised. It is alienating and not unifying. National Day has always been, and should continue to be, about the People of Singapore.

The politicians should place their own advertorial party messages to wish Singapore ‘Happy Birthday’ elsewhere, but please, not on the official celebratory decor of the nation’s birthday. Please do put aside your own political agendas and place Singapore and Singaporeans first.

Where are the glorious but simple Singapore flags of the yester-years? Can’t we have them flying proudly along the streets of Singapore unembellished with various logos and MP’s faces? I don’t feel the Singapore spirit when I look at these decorations, which besides being very political, is also flavourless.

Let’s try to keep National Day as it’s meant to be – for the people and not for any party.