Old newspaper articles disappearing from NLB’s NewspaperSG archives

Yet another which vanished is this, where Dr Tony Tan as Education Minister objected to establishing a 3rd university until NTI had been set up fully:

THREE MPs who yesterday urged Education Minister Dr Tony Tan to start a third university here were told that the priority (or the next tew years would be to upgrade the Nanyang Technological Institute to a full university by 1991.

Dr Tan said when the Nanyang Technological University is ready, it would be providing more university places. He added: “Until that is done, we would not proceed with the third university. We have to do this step by step in order to make sure that all the universities which we establish will be proper ones, universities which we would be proud of.”

Two articles on Dr Patrick Tan, the son of Dr Tony Tan who was recently in the news over revelations that he served his National Service in a special capacity has also disappeared from the archives. The ST article titled 5 President’s Scholars this year dated 20th August 1988, which featured the young Patrick Tan, together with current MCYS minister Chan Chun Sing as President Scholars of 1988 is now unavailable. What’s in that article? It contains a profile of the young Patrick Tan as a student, as well as the other 4 President’s Scholars, and includes key information that Patrick Tan was already in Harvard (19th August 1988) studying for a medical degree even before he was awarded President’s Scholar. So of course that casts considerable doubt on the claim that Patrick Tan was allowed to disrupt his NS for overseas undergrad studies because he was a President Scholar. The decision to disrupt, it seems, appeared to have been made before he was awarded President Scholarship.

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