Daily Archives: 2011-08-03

“What do you do Mr President?”

MARUAH has put together a public forum to continue their key role in increasing public awareness of Singapore’s election processes and our country’s constitutional matters. They strongly believe that information is crucial to acting and voting responsibly. Through this forum they intend to highlight and discuss the Presidential Elections and the mandate it confers on the Elected President so that the Singaporeans can make …

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Disclosures, transparency and accountability

Hi everyone, This year marks the fifth anniversary of The Online Citizen (TOC). TOC has managed to grow despite all the challenges that faced us over the years. Just this year, we were gazetted as a political association, faced both manpower and server issues while covering the recent General Elections, and had a Chief Editor leave at short notice. But …

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Old newspaper articles disappearing from NLB’s NewspaperSG archives

Yet another which vanished is this, where Dr Tony Tan as Education Minister objected to establishing a 3rd university until NTI had been set up fully: THREE MPs who yesterday urged Education Minister Dr Tony Tan to start a third university here were told that the priority (or the next tew years would be to upgrade the Nanyang Technological Institute to …

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Yes, Singapore must remain open to global investments and talent

by: Ravi Philemon/ I agree with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s views that “society has changed, economy has changed, politics has evolved”, but still the Government must continue to take a long-term, rationale perspective and remain open to global investments and talent. Singapore has got no choice but to remain connected to the world for its own survival, because  Singapore …

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