Why has the mainstream media not picked-up this news about Tony Tan?

by: Ravi Philemon/

The mainstream media which picked up stories on Tan Jee Say’e email being hijackedTan Kin Lian’s Toto, 4D app, and Tan Cheng Bock’s Facebook notes, have so far failed to pick-up the story about Tony Tan deleting his Facebook post after netizens pointed out to him the contradictions with his son’s resume. Why?

The blog ‘Thoughts of a Singapore Statistician‘ claims:

The time that Dr Patrick Tan (Tony Tan’s son) took to obtain his MBBS is abnormally long (8 years). Most people get a MBBS from Stanford in 6 years. There is speculation that Dr Patrick Tan probably took a 1 to 2 gap years off. If this is true, this would be an anomaly since SAF is not known to approve disruption for gap years.

In his Facebook note, Dr Tony Tan commented on the topic and said, “I regret that, for the first time since this page’s inception, I have had to delete a post. It was a repeat post, the content of which you may read below. Our response is also below. The rumour is without basis.”

Even if it was only a rumour, the mainstream media has a responsibility to highlight this exchange between Dr Tony Tan and the netizens, so that the electorate can make an informed decision when the time comes.

This article was edited on 29 July 2011 at 12.15pm, after it was first published to better reflect Dr Tony Tan’s response to the issue.