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Dr Tony Tan deeply disappointed by false rumours

by: Ravi Philemon/ TOC received two emails from the office of Dr Tony Tan today. The first email said that his office read TOC’s article on Dr Tan’s son “with a little disappointment”. The first email went on to say that TOC was invited to Dr Tony Tan’s press conference “in the spirit of fostering debate” and that they will …

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100% home-grown Singaporean artist decides to leave Singapore

by: Jewel Philemon/ Inch Chua a Singaporean singer-songwriter, musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist, who gained national recognition after being the first Singapore solo artist to be invited to the prestigious South by Southwest Music Festival; an artiste who gained visibility with the release of her 2010 full length debut album Wallflower, announced on her Facebook note that she has decided to move to another country to pursue her career, because she …

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TODAY letter… published with a new paragraph sender did not write

The following was first published as a Facebook note on Stephanie Chok’s page. TOC thanks her for allowing us to reproduce it here. Stephanie Chok / TODAY just published a letter I sent in (“Punish criminal acts but deter errant bosses, too”, TODAY, Voices, Jul 29, 2011) [see below]. (By the way, that is THEIR headline, not mine, which was ‘A …

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Time to move on Mr Lee Kuan Yew

by: Ghui/ It is hard to imagine a time in Singapore when there is no Lee Kuan Yew. The two are inextricably linked and some would even say that there would be no modern Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew. Indeed, it is sometimes hard to separate the man from the country. No one can deny his far reaching contributions to …

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Why has the mainstream media not picked-up this news about Tony Tan?

by: Ravi Philemon/ The mainstream media which picked up stories on Tan Jee Say’e email being hijacked, Tan Kin Lian’s Toto, 4D app, and Tan Cheng Bock’s Facebook notes, have so far failed to pick-up the story about Tony Tan deleting his Facebook post after netizens pointed out to him the contradictions with his son’s resume. Why? The blog ‘Thoughts of …

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