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Enough with the ‘endorsements’ of Tony Tan

by: Jewel Philemon/ First it was the lecture in Singapore Management University, then it was the care provided to the boy who had injured himself, and now it is a dialogue organised jointly by Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) and Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI). Yeah, OK I believe that the boy was really hurt and …

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Why public transport fares should not be raised

by: Dr Wong Wee Nam/ The issues at the General Election 2011 were the high cost of living, the income gap between the rich and the poor, the terrible public transport squeeze, the exorbitant HDB prices and the overpopulation of the country by foreign imports. With their votes, the people sent a clear signal what their dissatisfactions were. In a …

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A YP activist’s response to TOC’s “Statements like these do not help”

A political sickness is spreading among the nations, across First World parliaments and First World governments. In America, we see Democrats and Republicans fighting over the US debt crisis. Voices of moderation drowned by polarizing, aggressive rhetoric. And while partisans fiddle around and pass the blame to each other, America’s economy burns. It would be just a domestic political tragedy, …

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TOC’s moderation policy

  The Online Citizen reserves the right to moderate, edit, disallow, remove or delete comments or postings posted on this website which, in TOC’s sole discretion, are deemed to be inappropriate or are of the following nature: – Vulgarities – in any language, whether colloquial or slang. – Personal attacks, threats, insults, degrading or derogatory remarks about the author or …

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