Daily Archives: 2011-07-27

Arcade Gaming: Not Just For Gangsters

Kirsten Han and Shawn Danker / This weekend, hundreds of gamers from all over the world will descend upon Las Vegas to clash within the world’s largest annual fighting game tournament. Evolution Championship Series (or EVO for short) gathers players from all over the world to compete over three days for top spots in their respective games. This year, Leslie …

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Public Transport: Why the PAP and WP positions fall short of commuters’ needs

The following is National Solidarity Party’s media release on the debate over our public transport system. — There has been much debate over our public transport system lately.  Public unhappiness over fare increases stems from dissatisfaction over the level of service in our public transport, primarily over issues of under-capacity and the lack of any alternatives for the bulk of …

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Promises of better services in public transportation reneged

by: Sharon C/ The recent call for fare adjustments of 2.8% by the public transport operators is definitely not justifiable. One of the reasons I believe that fares should remain status quo for now is because the transport operators are hiring more foreign drivers than locals, which means that even if fuel costs have increased the transport operators would be …

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