Daily Archives: 2011-07-19

AWARE’s CEDAW team makes recommendations to the United Nations

This year marks the third time that AWARE is submitting a Shadow Report to the United Nations (UN) committee on the Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). On July 18, our CEDAW team presented AWARE’s findings and recommendations to the UN CEDAW Committee at the UN headquarters inNew York, highlighting areas where women’s rights …

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Vikram Nair clarifies the 60/40 story

It is a strange feeling to be confronted about something you were supposed to have said when:- 1. You did not say it; and 2. It is the complete opposite of your actual message. This was the exact experience I had recently, shortly after speaking at a forum organized by the Institute of Policy Studies (“IPS”). Overall, I found the …

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Historical perspective on liberalising public transport

by: Donaldson Tan/ One of the highlights in the Workers’ Party (WP) General Election Manifesto 2011 is the nationalisation of public transport in Singapore. The WP proposed to merge the public transport operators (bus & rail) and the public transport council into a single entity known as the National Transport Corporation. In response, Second Transport Minister Lim Hwee Hua dismissed …

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Overhauling Singapore’s public transport model

Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew recently criticised the Workers’ Party’s (WP) proposal for a not-for-profit National Transport Corporation to replace the current two listed public transport companies. Mr Lui claimed that WP’s proposal had “serious downsides, chief amongst which commuters and taxpayers (yes, even those who don’t take public transport) are likely to end up paying more, and possibly, …

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