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The innocent man who was nearly hanged

The following is an extract from Yawning Bread: The prosecution’s case against Zainal Kuning appeared watertight. They had a confession from him that he had stabbed to death Ang Chye, 65, a caretaker of a Yishun coffeeshop, on 2 February 1989, in what was alleged to be a bungled burglary. Zainal fit the profile of a likely burglar — a …

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Bersih 2.0 Singapore – Sending a message in yellow

by: Ravi Philemon Pictures: Jeremy Philemon/ About 200 Malaysians who live and work in Singapore descended upon Hong Lim Park in yellow today to show their support and to stand in solidarity with their countrymen’s demonstration for democracy called Bersih 2.0, held in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Mr C P Chang a Malaysian with a small printing business in Singapore, who was …

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Medisave use for patients over 75

by: Gerald Giam/ Ms Sangeetha Bysheim wrote in to the TODAY newspaper on 7 July appealing for her 75-year old diabetic father to be allowed to use his Medisave to pay his full bills for his regular check-ups and medication. Currently only about 20 per cent of his bill can be charged to Medisave and the rest has to be …

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Bersih 2.0 Singapore plans a gathering of yellow in Hong Lim Park

by: Ravi Philemon/ A group of Malaysians who live and/or work in Singapore, identifying themselves as Bersih 2.0 Singapore, are planning a gathering in Hong Lim Park today at 2pm.  Describing themselves as apolitical and non-partisan, they are calling for free and fair election in Malaysia. They have said on their Facebook page that “we are guests in Singapore and have …

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Swing voters or swing MP?

‎”It seems there are more open minds out there and the real question is what we have to do to engage a more conscious but also ‘not-easy-to-categorise’ electorate.” – MP for Sembawang GRC Vikram Nair, on the increase in swing voters according to a post-election survey by think-tank Institute of Policy Studies. (‘2011 General Election sees more swing voters: survey‘ CNA, …

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True sustainability – taking us further down the track

Howard Lee / Much has been said recently about Singapore’s position towards sustainable development. “Sustainability” has become the new buzzword, taken to mean almost anything, or nothing. In the past weeks, there has been reports on green vehicles making their operational tests on our roads. Awards have been given out to sustainable construction projects – oddly, by a government agency …

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