Daily Archives: 2011-06-30

Jilted by the system

by: Ghui/ Adrian (not his real name) has been selling food at a canteen in a university in Singapore for 6 years. Each contract lasts for 3 years and Adrian has successfully completed 2 terms. Earlier this year, he submitted a request for a further 3 years. He was not anticipating any changes as his food was generally enjoyed and business …

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Potong Pasir, the People’s town – Part 2

Howard Lee & Benjamin Cheah / “Hi, are you a resident of Potong Pasir?” “No no no…” You would be surprised at the number of people who are not Potong Pasir residents, but happen to be in Potong Pasir, when we dropped in for this article on a rainy Sunday morning. Or perhaps we looked like a couple of sneaky …

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