Daily Archives: 2011-06-25

SFD members released from investigation over death penalty book

The SFD trio: Jarrod Luo (far left), Seelan Palay (second from left) and Rachel Zeng (second from right) Singaporeans For Democracy (SFD) members Mr Seelan Palay 27, Mr Jarrod Luo 27 and Miss Rachel Zeng 28 had been released from police investigation according to a press release by SFD Executive Director and SDP Party member Dr James Gomez. The trio …

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Potong Pasir, the people’s Town

by: Howard Lee and Benjamin Cheah/ You’ve heard it before. The slum of Singapore, the dirty neighbourhood, the run-down poorer cousin of modern housing. Such associations have often been cast on the township of Potong Pasir, that enigma of Singapore politics that has held out against the temptations of modernisation for the privilege of being the longest-standing bastion of the …

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KTM Railway Lands: What next?

TOC speaks to Mr Leong Kwok Peng, Nature Society’s (Singapore)  Chairperson of Conservation Committee on the latest development in NSS’s efforts to save the KTM railway lands and push through its proposal to convert the area surrounding the railway lines into a Green Corridor. Q: With the Tanjong Pajar Railway Station slated to cease operations from 1st July, will happen to the …

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When “no comment” is not enough

by: Ghui/ I refer to the article entitled “SMRT: Effective Crisis Management” by Shanta Arul. While the incident I am about to relate is not directly on point with Shanta’s article, it does have many parallels to the issues raised by Shanta. Every commercial entity exists to make profit. It is therefore understandable that the bottom line is of utmost …

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