Daily Archives: 2011-06-24

Needy: Pay $10 to get $6 back?

Leong Sze Hian/ When TOC’s Interim Chief Editor, Ravi Philemon, asked me to write something on the report “NTUC FairPrice to raise $1 million for low-income workers” (Yahoo News, Jun 22)., my first instinct was to take out my TI Business Analyst financial calculator. $6 a month help? According to the report, the NTUC-U Care Fund campaign is part of Fund’s $10 million …

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Post Election Transformation Series, 2nd Talk (feat. Dr Ang Yong Guan)

About Post Election, many organisations have tried to sustain the election awareness though forums and discussion platforms. Most of these efforts cannot sustain over time because people’s interest in politics in the past, were highlighted only during election periods. This series was developed to sustain people’s interest and discuss key issues felt by Singaporeans. In the first series, Leong Sze …

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Who do our civil servants serve?

by: Tan Meng Lee/ When the 12th Parliament opens in August this year, the ruling People’s Action Party will hold 93 per cent of the House. That’s despite the fact that they won just 60 percent of the vote at the General Elections this year. The situation isn’t new to Singapore. Our parliament has always been dominated by one political party. …

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Security bonds encourage “xenophobia and classism” – H.O.M.E

The Online Citizen speaks to Jolovan Wham, a social worker with H.O.M.E (Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics) on the recent calls for giving migrant domestic workers a weekly day-off. H.O.M.E is also a co-partner of the Day-off Campaign for domestic workers. There had been previous debates on whether to make a weekly-day-off for domestic workers guaranteed by law. Do you …

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