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“Thank you Mr Chiam!” – Night of Champions

Benjamin Cheah and Chong Woon Hien/ Photos by Han Thon and Sebestian Song A kind of hush fell. Outside the ballroom, conversations grew shorter, quieter. Heads faced the driveway, hands and fingers poised over cameras and touchscreens, eyes scanning for a red Volkswagon Beetle. For the man who, in his words, ‘changed the face of opposition politics in Singapore’. On …

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Implementing the reform agenda

from: Donald Low’s FC/ Instead of its leadership fetish, the PAP government must “widen its aperture” and put in place the mechanisms to foster debate, dissent and creative tension in the system. It has to look to dissidents down the ranks as well as outside of the establishment to find new, untested but potentially workable ideas. David Petraeus, the only …

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A Look at Tan Kin Lian

Dr Wong Wee Nam/ Tan Kin Lian was one year my junior in Raffles Institution. However, I did not know him in school. There are many reasons for this. Firstly we belong to the baby-boomers and it was unprecedented that each cohort had ten classes and each class had over forty students. Secondly to be recognised and known, you had …

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Homeless and Abandoned with Four Children

by: Leong Sze Hian Miss Lee (not her real name) is a 37-year-old Permanent Resident (Malaysian citizen), with four young children. Her husband is a 39-year-old Singaporean businessman and they have been married for about ten years. He abandoned her and the children, after leaving for China to do business. Taking with him their entire life savings of more than …

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