Community Organisation- Empower the people!


A word that was repeated like a mantra throughout the fiery 2011 General Elections period that saw many volunteers, young and old, stepping forward and lending helping hands to the election process. In light of the huge community response, so adamantly demonstrated during the recent elections, and how volunteer support greatly eased the election process, it becomes absolutely essential for such a level of public-spiritedness to be maintained and harnessed in an organised and efficient manner.

In doing so, Singaporeans can enjoy a more inclusive and open society that is sorely lacking today.

Function 8 Ltd is holding a workshop on ‘Community Organisation’ – a social action programme, promising to be a good social infrastructure that could be set into place to achieve the above mentioned goals of an open and inclusive society.

This workshop is aimed at social activists and other professionals in the community and social service sectors, particularly those who are involved in community development, and those who work with vulnerable or disadvantaged groups in the community.

The workshop will be an intensive 5 hours long, which will be spread over 2 days.

Workshop details:

Workshop: 27–28 June 2011 (7.30pm to 10pm)

For those that have missed out on the workshop from 27th-28Th June, there will be another identical workshop on 29th and 30th June, at the same time and venue.

The workshop is especially tailored for the participation of community leaders, social service professionals, activists, and individuals who work with, or intend to work with communities.

Click HERE for more details of the workshop.

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