Daily Archives: 2011-06-04

Focus on HDB (Part 2): More mature estates?

Leong Sze Hian / I refer to the article, “Khaw’s advice: Apply for flats in new towns; chances are better” (ST, May 31). The report says: “Mr Khaw’s latest announcement (to build more BTOs in mature estates) gives hope to buyers like human resources executive Teo Yingying, 25, who has applied for a BTO flat with her boyfriend five times …

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Charging for tap water – is it justifiable?

G Hui Singapore is an island surrounded by water. Rainfall is plentiful and the tap water is drinkable. There are established protected areas in urban rainwater catchments and estuaries which are used as fresh water reservoirs. There is also sea water desalination. In 2007, Singapore’s water and sanitation unit, the Public Utilities Board, received the Stockholm Industry Water Award in …

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Reminder – TOC moderation policy

In light of some comments posted on this site verging on the defamatory and certain allegations made against particular persons, we would like to remind everyone of our moderation policy. TOC Moderation Policy The Online Citizen reserves the right to moderate, edit, disallow, remove or delete comments or postings posted on this website which, in TOC’s sole discretion, are deemed …

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