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Gratefulness has nothing to do with it

This is a letter from a TOC reader. G Hui/ I would just like to add on to Elaine Ong’s article: “False Identities and disloyalties”. Like her, I have heard many comments levelled against voters who have voted against against the PAP. Comments such as “How can you be so ungrateful?” were indeed rempant. But why would it be ungrateful to vote for an …

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Bring Eric Tan back to the party: WP volunteers

Andrew Loh/ A group of supporters and volunteers of the Workers’ Party (WP) is calling on the party to reinstate Mr Eric Tan back into the party. The group, which includes volunteers who helped with the party’s East Coast GRC team in the May general elections, has circulated a petition which it will send to the party’s Central Executive Council …

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The Mandatory Death Penalty

This was originally posted as a Facebook note by the author. David King/ The recent arrest of an author has highlighted the Mandatory Death Penalty here in Singapore once again, even with the various Human Right’s groups and activists doggedly denouncing the Mandatory Death Penalty throughout the years, it was only after the arrest of a British Author did the issue …

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Social Media in Singapore Politics: It’s Serious Business Folks!

This article was originally posted on 24 May 2011 on Economy Watch . TOC thanks Economy Watch for permission to publish this in full here. Raymond Tham/ It takes a brave person to write about politics in Singapore. Over the years, publications and journalists have been sued – and even jailed for criticising the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), who have …

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REACHing out? Try a little humility first

Howard Lee/ Today published an article on 24 May, “Going through REACH alone might not work”. The headline is about as close as we will get to the People’s Action Party admitting that the crown jewel of its engagement efforts since the dawn of Goh Chok Tong’s consultative style of government has really fallen flat on delivery. But the key reason why REACH remains ineffective is …

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