Daily Archives: 2011-05-14

WP Sylvia Lim leaves Temasek Polytechnic

RESIGNATION FROM TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC   This is to confirm that I have, on 13 May 2011, tendered my resignation from my position at Temasek Polytechnic, after more than twelve years of service. The move is prompted by what I anticipate to be an increased workload after being elected as part of the Workers’ Party team for Aljunied GRC in General …

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You are the people’s servants, please remember this

Adrian Ng I had mixed feelings as I looked at the results of GE2011. I was happy because alternative voices (let us stop using the term “Opposition” as it has a negative connotation that they are there only to oppose) are making inroads into parliament, but sad because there is not enough to make a significant difference. There are a couple of …

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Do the opposition parties exist solely to defeat the PAP?

G. Hui Quite a number of people have commented that the various opposition parties should merge. Proponents of this idea would argue that this would create a stronger opposition with more shared resources to challenge the PAP in 2016. I would beg to differ. Such sentiments although logical in theory are simplistic. Each opposition party has its own views, ideology …

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Pension for ministers – more disclosure, please

Leong Sze Hian / The Prime Minister’s Office and the Minister in charge of the Civil Service have both sought to clarify and explain the issue of ministerial pension. (See links below.) Whilst the clarification on Ministerial pensions is welcome, I would like to suggest that more details be given. Otherwise, Singaporeans may still be in the dark about how …

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