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Singapore People’s Party aims high

Benjamin Cheah/ The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) is seeking to win the hearts and minds of the people. Unveiling the SPP’s five-year “comeback plan”, Mr Benjamin Pwee outlined the SPP’s vision of collaborating with ordinary Singaporeans for a better future. Despite its defeat in the recent General Election, the party aims to assert itself in Parliament. Mrs Lina Chiam, the …

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Disparity between election results and seats won

Daniel Yuan/ It was interesting to see the numbers for the elected candidates placed right beside the share of valid votes in http://www.ge.sg/tallyseats/ now that the results are out. Share of valid votes from the various parties: PAP: 60.1% WP: 12.8% NSP: 12.0% SDP: 4.8% RP: 4.3% SPP: 3.1% SDA: 2.8% I’m going to assume that in a ‘normal’ outcome, …

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MARUAH & TOC present: Post-Elections public forum

The recent Singapore General Elections 2011 was electrifying. Emotions ran high and change was in the air. The dissection has begun. MARUAH & TOC would like to share perspectives and some analysis on GE2011. We will share the work that we did on the monitoring of mainstream media and the results of the survey on voters about their polling experience. …

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Letters from Vui Kong – The First Letter: Prison Life

Yong Vui Kong is a death row inmate in Singapore. He was arrested at age 19 with 47.27g of heroin, convicted of trafficking and sentenced under the Mandatory Death Penalty. His final appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on 4 April 2011. He can now only plead for clemency from the President (acting on the advice of the …

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A conflict of interest?

Joseph Teo/ In the Straits Times on Thursday 12 May 2011, on page A4, “Cynthia Phua promises proper handover”, the following was reported: “Aljunied Town Council is now managed by CPG Facilities Management, with whom the town council signed a three-year contract last year.  CPG managing director Jeffrey Chua is the town council’s general manager.  As the town council managing …

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NGOs form a coalition against the death penalty in Malaysia

Kirsten Han / Six NGOs, together with the cooperation of the Malaysian Bar Council and certain Members of the Malaysian Parliament, have come together to make a stand on the use of the death penalty in Malaysia. A forum held in Kuala Lumpur on 11 May 2011 was the first in a series of events to be organised as part of a long-term …

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