Just a little announcement about our GE T-shirts…

Dear readers, to meet the demand for our GE-tshirts during the General Elections, the hardworking people at The Tee Folk have been slogging night and day to make sure you get your shirt within two days of ordering.

Now that the GE is over, we will continue selling the T-shirts but at a less hectic pace. Do allow the kind people at the Tee Folk eight days to process your orders. You can either collect your tees yourself, or have it delivered to your preferred address (additional two dollars postage).

For further information on how to order, please see below-


Prices for T-shirts at $19.00 except HONEST MISTAKE T-shirt which is selling at $22.00 due to larger design.

(Note: Design colors are as shown)


Write to us at [email protected] (please avoid sending orders to our main email account; we receive tonnes of mail every day and we cannot guarantee your order won’t be lost among the other messages) with the following:

Subject: TOC GE Tshirt.
I would like to order XX (quantity, one or more?) of the following:
Name of Tshirt (eg ‘Meatballs).
Gender, and Size (eg Male, M) – for sizes, see above chart.
Color: (White, grey and black is available; please check with printer for other colors)

(Note: Prices for T-shirts at $19.00 except HONEST MISTAKE T-shirt which is selling at $22.00 due to larger design.)

Don’t forget your name and contact number! Also don’t forget to indicate if you want the Tshirt delivered to you (additional $2 delivery fees) or if you want to pick it up from the printer’s at 65 Ubi Crescent, Hola Centre #06-04.

Don’t forget also to indicate your address if you want the tees delivered!

Payment method:

Bank transfer to Posb Savings 126-92939-0. Text ref no. to Min at 98571190.

If you want to print sizes bigger than XL please bring your own plain tees to The Tee Folk at 65 Ubi Crescent, Hola Centre #06-04 . The printing will be done for a fee of $16.

Alternatively, you can create and print your own design! Just send your design to this link and The Tee Folk will call you shortly!