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The PAP and the People – A Great Affective Divide (Revisited)

The following commentary was published in The Straits Times on September 3, 1994.In light of what has transpired during the recent general election, we re-publish this article by author Catherine Lim. The article drew a harsh response from the then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong Government. You can read about this here. Ms Lim also writes on her website here: http://catherinelim.sg …

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Criticisms of Tin Pei Ling are valid

A letter to TOC from Ivan Thomasz: Some people say it is cruel to criticize Tin Pei Ling with vulgar words. Be that as it may, regardless of the manner or style of criticism (whether it be tasteful satire or distasteful vulgar condemnation), so far, TPL has done much by her own vacuous words and trivial actions to justify such …

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How many did not vote?

Leong Sze Hian Since voting is compulsory, what happens if you do not vote in the elections? Your name will be removed from the register of voters. You can restore your name to the register of voters, if you pay a fee of $50. For those who have a valid reason, such as being away from Singapore, no fee is …

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Yap Kim Hao Throughout the General Election and its aftermath the word that kept popping up was: LISTEN. Everyone claims they want to listen. Candidates from the opposition said they had listened to the voters and were responding to their cries. They then listed the litany of woes of those who found their present living situations difficult and the future …

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Don’t let us down – an open letter to all political parties

Aziz Bin Ahmad I watched the recent elections with cautious interest. I am wary of what the future holds, and at the same time weary of all the ominous warnings & premonitions put forward by both sides. Both have their grounds in saying what they said, but it only makes life more confusing for the ones, like us, who have …

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Six months’ wait – just to do a scan

Yvonne Leng / I had gone to a polyclinic in mid-February and requested to do a MRI scan for my chronic backache which gave me agonizing pain and was affecting my sleep and temperament. I was first given a slot in early April to see the orthopaedic doctor. I asked for the earliest slot possible and was told that was the earliest …

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