Daily Archives: 2011-05-06

Your Vote is Your Voice

This article was first posted on MARUAH. “Is my vote really secret?” That is the question on many Singaporeans’ minds. As part of our public education efforts, MARUAH has produced a video to explain to voters why their vote really is secret. YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE   This video was put together by a team of volunteers. For the first time …

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PAP leaflets a “cheap attempt to frighten voters” : WP

From the Workers’ Party website [picture TOC’s]. The PAP has circulated a political leaflet to all households containing accusations that “the WP is against LUP, HIP and Other Upgrading” programmes. It cites a personal blog post by a WP candidate, Gerald Giam, written more than one-and-a-half years ago, and twists it around to accuse WP of being against HDB upgrading. …

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